As you read this psalm, it is easy to imagine that David was full of pride and arrogant. In reality, however, I believe David was a man of faith who relied fully on God's grace to help him live the life he chose to live. We also know that David falters in his faithfulness with Bathsheba, but God forgives him and walks through those difficult times with him. In humility, David asks God to check his record and to make sure he is living as he believes he is. As a follower of Christ, you and I have nothing to offer our God but the One who lives inside of us. We do not brag about our righteousness, nor do we boast of our faithfulness, because we know everything comes from our walk with Christ. I cannot be a good person on my own. I cannot bring honor to God by myself. I need Jesus and while David did not know the Messiah as we do, he still depended fully upon the Almighty to provide, protect, and to keep His promises. Are you depending fully upon the Lord today, or are you living on your own merits and accomplishments? This is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. David was a humble man who depended fully upon Yahweh, and he sets a great example for us to follow.

Help me, Lord, to depend fully upon Your provision, Your protection, and Your promises. Help me to boast only in what You have done in my life and how great You are.