This psalm is the inspiration for a current favorite song in many churches: "Give Us Clean Hands." David's question is difficult for us to answer. Who is able to stand in Your presence, Lord?" The king talks about the person who has clean hands and a pure heart who does not worship idols or swear by them. He almost makes it sound easy, but we all know from experience that it is not. The life marked with clean hands and a pure heart is found only in the one who has received the free gift of eternal life through Jesus and is filled with God's Spirit every day. The Scripture reminds us that "in me there is no good thing." It also reminds us that "no one seeks after God" or "does what is right in His eyes." We know that our hearts are deceptive and desperately wicked, and our flesh will automatically go for that which is cursed by God. How in the world can we have clean hands and a pure heart? The Scripture gives us only one answer: we do not find it in ourselves but in our relationship with the perfect Christ and His convicting Spirit. He alone gives me clean hands and a pure heart, and He keeps me from idol worship and every other sin my flesh wants to get into. Only in Christ does God see me as acceptable and ready to enter into His heaven. The psalm is a song of a future Messiah's work in our lives. It does not boast of fleshly attempts to please God or put any stock in our ability to please Him; instead, David reminds us that clean hands and a pure heart come only through Christ in us, the Hope of glory.

Help me, Lord, to live in a daily relationship with You that allows me to have clean hands and a pure heart. Help me to stop trying to please You with my words, acts, and attitudes and to start trusting that You are pleased because of the work Your Son did on the cross.