Can you imagine that the God who created the universe and who sustains it to this day wants to be your Shepherd? David acknowledges God's incredible love as he reminds us that Yahweh truly is our Shepherd. He leads us to green pastures and to still waters. He restores our souls. He walks with us through "the valley of the shadow of death," and He anoints our heads with oil and allows goodness and mercy to dwell with us each day of our lives. This is our Good Shepherd who gave His life for His sheep. I know the day has already been tough and the pain that you feel is real, but I also know that you have a Shepherd who will walk with you through the hardships and pain and protect you from the evil one who always attacks when we are at our weakest point. Our great Shepherd knows each of us by name and is personally invested in each of our lives. He literally left heaven to become like us so that He could save us from sin and death. How can we not praise Him today? He is our great Shepherd which means we will always have a Protector, a Provider, and a personal Pastor walking with us everywhere we go.

Help me, Lord, to follow You, my good Shepherd, as You lead me to green pastures and still waters. Help me to depend upon You for protection and provision at those weak moments in my life.