The Psalmist now tackles the issue of God's sovereignty. He is not equal to other kings, because He is the King of all kings. When government officials and leaders plan to do the exact opposite of what God says, they are setting themselves up for a battle they cannot win. You might question God's sovereignty as you watch our nation fall deeper and deeper into sin and despair, especially when it seems like the bad guys are winning. The Bible tells us, however, to be of good cheer because He has overcome this world (John 16:33). As the Sovereign of this universe, God has a plan that exalts Him in the end. We are watching that plan play out right in front of our eyes, as we get closer and closer to Jesus' return. At this time, all Christ-followers should have one eye on earth and the other eye focused on eternity. The King is coming, and we must be ready! The Psalmist does not want God's people to be discouraged when they see kings and other leaders try to initiate their own plan while never seeking God's help. They might enjoy the fruit of their labor for a time, but eventually they will fail, and all eyes will return to Jesus, the one, true King. Who or what is king of your life today? If it is not Jesus, then you are walking down a path that leads to destruction. Jesus is our Sovereign King and today we must follow His instructions as best as we possibly can.

Help me, Lord, to serve You alone as King of my life. Help me to stay focused on You even when other government and spiritual leaders try to lead me away from the truth.