David talks about two different kinds of revelation that God gives us. He starts with general revelation which includes the creation and those things we all see regularly. The beauty and wonder of creation has to cause us to stop and, at least, consider the possibility of God. They tell us that He exists; that He is creative; and that He loves us and will provide for us. This is general revelation that can help anyone and everyone to know God exists. He then turns to special revelation which is the Bible. David tells us that the Word of God speaks to Him and reveals more about Yahweh. We currently have multiple English translations and even have translations in many languages worldwide. The truth, however, we must face is that there are still several million people in our world who do not have a Bible in their language. Wycliffe and other translators are working year-round to correct that problem, but it takes time! Those people need to hear and read the truth, because it reveals specific truths about God that a person needs to be saved. In the United States, we have both general and specific revelation. We can know God fully and completely through His creation and through His Word. We, therefore, have no excuse. Are you seeking to know God better through His creation and through His Word?

Help me, Lord, to take full advantage of the general and special revelation You have given me. Help me to pray for and support those who are working so hard to translate Your Word into new languages so those who have never heard can "hear" the truth and be saved.