David is enjoying a grand victory over his enemies, including King Saul, and he chooses to give all the glory to God. He does not boast in his own abilities or his strategy or even his weaponry; he simply boasts in the Lord. Some might say that he is overdoing it, but I heard a baseball player say recently that we should enjoy and celebrate the victories, because they are few. He said in baseball if you are successful 30% of the time, you are a superstar. Life is similar, because for all the victories we enjoy, we experience many strikeouts, ground outs, and fly ball outs. When we enjoy a victory, we must follow David's example and give God all the glory while celebrating what He has done. When a person comes to Christ, we must celebrate. When all the bills are paid and a little is left at the end of the month, we celebrate. When we break cycles in our families, we celebrate. When we handle a situation in a completely different manner than we would have five years before, we celebrate. These are all simple victories that we can celebrate. To take them for granted is like a slap in God's face, because He has provided that victory through His power and His authority. Today, we must celebrate even the smallest of victories as we endure the difficulties that are sure to come our way.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate every little victory You bring to my life. Help me to boast only in Your authority and ability and not in anything I can do.