David's complete confidence in God is exemplary and overwhelming. David trusts God fully, and he readily obeys the commands that he finds in Scripture. He trusts God to protect him through the ups and downs in life, and the king loves to be deeply loved by the King of all Kings. Over the years, you may have heard people pray for God to keep them "as the apple of [His] eye" or for God to "hide me in the shadow of Your wings," now you know where that comes from. David penned those words thousands of years ago, because he believed with all his heart that both were true in his relationship with God. Do you have that much confidence in your walk with the Almighty? Do you see yourself as the apple of God's eye, or do you think of hiding in the shadow of His wings when times get too tough to handle? Both are true of you if you have received the free gift of eternal life by faith. How could David have such confidence in God? He saw God work over and over again in his life so the evidence was clear in his heart and mind. As I was praying this morning, that same thought came to me. My life is not perfect, but God has proven Himself so many times throughout the course of my life and my marriage that I simply see no other option -- I must trust Him. Will you test His faithfulness? Will you stop and consider just how faithful He has been in your life?

Help me, Lord, to trust You fully and completely as David did. Help me to find that confidence in my relationship with You that will help me tackle the impossible if that is what You lead me to do.