David calls God his "refuge" or, in our modern lingo, our safe space or our happy place. David used the word "refuge," because he knew what it meant to need a place of safety where he could rest and recuperate for upcoming battles. He found a physical refuge in the mountains and caves, but He also found his spiritual refuge in the Almighty. God was always present and ready to help in the good times and the difficult ones. He walked alongside David as a shepherd walks with his sheep, and he knew God cared for him and would meet his every need. Is God your refuge in life? Is He the person you go to when times get too tough to handle? Is He the One who brings comfort to the hurt and pain? David sets a strong example for us, because he was completely dependent upon the Lord and upon His help and strength. We must learn that kind of dependence. God offers us fortitude in the midst of the battle and encourages us to never quit or give up. I personally would not have made it through large portions of my childhood without my Heavenly Father. He has been my refuge for many years, and He wants to be your's, as well. God will always stick by your side. You can trust Him.

Help me, Lord, to find my refuge in You during the good and difficult moments in life. Help me to find rest and recuperation in Your arms and help me to learn to depend upon you with my whole heart.