As we conclude this life-changing collection of Hebrew songs, we are once again challenged to “praise the Lord.” He is Creator, Sustainer, and King. He has prepared every path that we take and is always ready to forgive when we stray. He loves us like nothing else in all of creation, and we can fully and completely rely upon Him. This is our God! How can we not spend our days praising Him? I read recently a great reminder, “when you get caught up in what has been done TO you; stop and remember what has been done FOR you and give God praise for it.” People can do some nasty stuff towards other people, even those we think we can trust turn on us, at times. Those moments cause us to mistrust authority, specifically God. We assume that if a teacher or a preacher or a law enforcement officer can do something hurtful to us, then so can God. Sadly, we transfer our hurt to our relationship with Him. God, however, never condones the abuse of authority. Judas is a great reminder that this kind of abuse can happen at the highest levels of authority, but not with God Himself. As you struggle with what has been done to you, stop and remember what God has done for you. Let that be the source of your praise! He is always with you, and He is always providing and protecting you. He is reliable, and holy, and pure in His motives, and He deserves our praise. As you prepare for a beautiful Lord’s Day tomorrow, will you take today and simply praise the Lord? You will definitely be glad that you did.

Help me, Lord, to praise You throughout this day! Help me to stop focusing on what has been done to me and start focusing on what You have done for me and then react accordingly!