David's question is one that humbles even the most vain people. Who is truly worthy to stand before the Lord? David talks about our character and integrity, but can that really be enough to impress our perfect Heavenly Father? The only One who is worthy died on the cross for our sins and rose again on Easter morning. That resurrection power that He revealed gives us confidence that He alone makes us worthy of a relationship with God. He alone opens the doors of heaven for us. Jesus changes everything. This list that David makes of human righteousness is only possible because Jesus lives in me. I cannot speak truth or walk blameless or keep my promises all the time. Jesus, however, can do just that in me. He washes my sin away and replaces the old with something completely new. The question that we must consider on this beautiful day is whether or not we are different people since we met Jesus. A relationship with the Christ guarantees transformation. This does not mean you have to live at my level of maturity or that I have to live at yours. It simply means that He is constantly molding me in the image of Christ, and I will be different because of it.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to impress You with my "good" works and start trusting in Jesus as my only hope for a relationship with You. Help me to give Your Spirit complete freedom to transform me into the image of Your Son.