Thursday, September 12, 2019
Psalm 148

Are we the only part of creation that can praise the Lord? The psalmist tells us that all of creation praises Him. Obviously, that praise was more complete in the Garden of Eden, but even now, the earth, skies, land creatures and sea creatures bring God praise. The angels and all the heavenly beings praise the Lord. Everything He has made brings Him praise. The one amazing truth we must consider is that we, as humans, are His favorite source of praise. The creation praises God by doing what He created it to do. As you drive by the fields of corn and soybeans, you see praise happening, because those seeds did exactly what God created them to do. I suspect we normally miss that due to our busy schedules and lack of focus on our surroundings, but we know it is true. What makes our praise more important to God than that of the creation? We praise God by choice. Admittedly, some of what we do is just because we were created to do it. Procreation brings praise to God when it is done in the boundaries He has created, but it is part of what God created us and commanded us to do (be fruitful and multiply). Other acts of praise, however, are not natural; they are a choice made on our parts to praise God. When you and I choose to praise God, it brings Him more glory than when we simply do what is natural to us. Church attendance is a huge praise to God, because we are sacrificing time and sleep to worship Him. It is not natural; it is supernatural and brings God copious amounts of praise. Will you choose to praise the Lord today? We can honestly say, along with the psalmist, He is more than worthy of it.

Help me, Lord, to choose to praise You with my whole life today. Help me to leave behind the normal and walk in the supernatural knowing it brings even greater praise to Your name.