As a sport’s enthusiast, a few verses in this psalm caught my attention. The writer reminds us that God’s “pleasure is not in the strength of a horse nor His delight in the legs of a man...”. Both are considered sport’s analogies simply because they focus on an animal used in sporting events and the part of the human body that might be most influential in our success in sports. The point the psalmist is making is that God is not mesmerized by those things that seem to hold our attention for hours at a time. He does not care who wins the division this year or the World Series in October. He does not care if your fantasy team wins it all or if your alma mater has their best year in ages. Those activities and events are perfectly fine for humanity, but they have no real bearing upon God unless it is done for His glory and honor. The psalmist continues with these words, “but the Lord delights in those who fear Him who put their hope in His unfailing love.” It is not sports or job performance or a large bank account that catches God’s attention; instead, it is the person who lives a life that shows the utmost respect to Him and who walks everyday by faith and not fear. God wants a relationship with us more than He wants us to succeed or be at peace. He loves you that deeply and pursues you that passionately because He wants that abiding, growing relationship with each person in His creation. He also sets a strong example for us, in that, we sometimes forget what is most important in life. Sports can become a god and so can work or success; therefore, we must keep them in their proper place and allow God to rule our thoughts and actions. When we do then relationships become a priority and everything else finds its role in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to stop seeking worldly pursuits above my pursuit of You. Help me to walk in an abiding, growing relationship with You and always make that the greatest priority of my life.