The psalmist again challenges us to “praise the Lord.” He reminds us that Yahweh is the Creator of both heaven and earth and the bestower of grace on each of our lives. He also reminds us of the advantages that come from having God “on your side.” Yes, He redeems us, and yes, He directs our steps, but He also walks alongside us keeping us on the straight path and the narrow way. Do you ever stop to consider just how much of an impact God’s presence makes upon our lives? I believe that a person’s greatest goal for their children is that they have a genuine relationship with the Almighty. Our kids never get the full picture of God in their hearts and minds until He becomes their Savior and their Lord. What better gift could you give your kids than the gift of Jesus? Are you personally walking with Jesus right now? I did not ask if you were saved or if you went to church on Sunday; I asked if you are walking with Jesus. When our lives are surrendered to Him, then we experience the best of Him in our lives. God does not limit His power or His presence in our lives; we do! We put limits on what God can do when we walk in the flesh or in sin. We basically tell Him that we do not need Him, because we got everything worked out on our own. How is that working for you? If you are being honest, it does not work at all, because our flesh lives on emotion and has no understanding of what we are about to face in life. We are blindly wandering through life hoping to get it right. When we walk with Jesus, He changes everything. We can handle any situation and walk through the greatest of heartaches, because He is with us; therefore, we must praise the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You today. Help me to praise You for being my closest Companion and to celebrate the incredible work You are doing in my life.