Praise is one of the most powerful acts a Christ-follower can do each day. David reminds us that praise changes our attitudes, and it focuses our attention on the One who is worthy and not upon the distractions this world throws in our face. Praise is also contagious! When we are committed to praising God and not complaining about our circumstances, we are a light for others to follow. Even as parents, one of our many responsibilities is to teach our children to praise the Lord. We have gotten confused, because we believe if we take them to church, they will learn this vital trait. Church is not the tool God has chosen to teach the next generations how to worship Him; He has chosen moms and dads around the world to teach that truth to their children. How long has it been since you had an absolute praise fest? David implies it should be a daily response to who God is and what He has done in our lives. When we praise the Lord throughout a day, think about what disappears: anxiety, fear, whining, sin, selfishness, and pride disappear as we make God the priority of our thoughts and actions. David loved God deeply and understood the importance of praise in his normal, everyday life. He left a powerful legacy for his son, Solomon, who continued the tradition through most of his life. Sadly, he did not pass on a relationship with God to his son; instead, he taught him a religion which gave him no foundation to rule a nation. Religion does not lead to praise; only a growing, vibrant relationship with God can do that! As the song says, “let’s just praise the Lord” today!

Help me, Lord, to make praise a priority in my life today and to teach my children to do the same. Help me to stop complaining and to start praising You as I study who You are and remember what You have done for me.