David once again goes to the Lord as his only hope for success and victory in life. He calls God his “Rock,” because the king sees Yahweh as the place where he is most secure. He is a refuge, a stronghold against the enemy, and a source of strength and rest. As David lives out his faith, I want you to notice who prospers. Your children gain a confidence that you never had, and they learn to walk by faith as you do. They literally follow your lead. Will all kids respond in that manner? Certain temptations or secular ideologies may lead them astray for a time, but they have seen the truth and will, most likely, return to it at some point in life. Your faith influences not only your feelings about yourself, but also the way your children view themselves in this world. If your goal is to raise a millionaire, or a culturally PC adult, or a future Ms. America, you are completely missing David’s point. God might take your children to heights you have never reached in wealth, influence, and success, but He is the one who will do that without wrecking their psyche and ruining their future. We walk by faith everyday seeking refuge in our God and trusting Him to lead our children in the best path for their lives. Jill and I sometimes ponder our children’s future, and if I am being honest, it can become a source of anxiety until we remember that these kids are gifts from God Almighty, and He will do with them as He well-pleases. My job is to walk by faith and watch God do His “thing” in their lives.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith today as I find safety and rest in You. Help me to love my kids more than my own sin and selfishness and walk closely with You so they will know what it looks like and how they can do the same.