David’s first response to difficult times was to meditate on God’s Word and remember His goodness and grace. David had a small part of the Old Testament Scriptures to study, and as we learned in Psalm 119, he loved God’s Word. He also felt as if he could look back through the annals of Jewish history, most recorded in those Scriptures, and find strength to make it through today’s hardships. He would meditate, think constantly about God and His works on earth, and he would continue through the day. He always expected the mornings to bring new revelation and understanding to the problems he faced, and he believed with his son, Solomon, that God’s mercies are new every morning. Do you believe that? When a person chooses a different route to “medicate” his/her pain, he/she normally feels guilt and anxiety over doing so which just adds to the already difficult time. When, however, we go to the Lord and trust Him even when it hurts, we enjoy those new mercies every morning. Those issues that seem immovable suddenly seem much less intimidating than before. Why? God is greater than every problem we face, and we can trust Him to guide us to take the right steps in the midst of them. Our problems do not have to rule our thoughts, nor do they have to ruin our day; it is a choice that we make either to walk in the flesh or walk by faith. The flesh is more natural to us and therefore seems to be more effective, but when we get real, as David did in this psalm, we realize that His way is always the best way which causes us to stay fully connected to Him.

Help me, Lord, to stop fretting over every little issue that comes my way. Help me to meditate upon Your Word and Your ways and trust that Your plan is in place even when I do not understand it.