Have you ever felt completely alone in the midst of a large group of people? David definitely did. He is in a cave hiding from King Saul and his army. He has a large number of men who would give their life for him, but he still feels alone and in need of a Savior. He basically tells God that He is the only One who truly cares and can truly help. He knows the situation is desperate, and he knows that God has a unique plan just for his life, but he cannot see how that is going to come about. It does not make sense in his human mind. In a world that is connected more through tech than personal relationships, loneliness is a stalwart that is difficult to overcome. We barely have to interact with anyone, because we can do everything online. The world has changed drastically but the basic needs of man are still the same — we are made to worship, and we are made to live in relationship with other people. When either are out of whack, we struggle with loneliness. Even if you have close friends that are walking with you through life’s journey, there are some issues they cannot repair for you. God, alone, is your refuge and strength in those times of despair and hurt. He will walk with you and show you the next step you need to take. He will never leave you or forsake you; therefore, no matter what you might feel, you are never alone! We do not have to surrender to our emotions; instead, we can live by the simple truth of God’s Word. It definitely ends the loneliness and gives us strength for life’s battles.

Help me, Lord, to overcome loneliness in this life with a closer walk with You and a deeper dependence upon Your Word. Help me to stop allowing emotions to rule my thinking and focus my attention upon the Truth.