You were created by a loving God with an important purpose on this earth. David believed that with his whole heart and tried to convince his people that they were not a mistake and were worth so much more than the false gods they sometimes worshiped. Our intrinsic value does not come from a talent, work ethic, or beauty; our value comes directly from our Creator who made us and then prepared us to fulfill His perfect plan. He has even given us an amazing set of blueprints to keep us going and growing as we should. David truly believed that life starts at conception and that God knew him before he was conceived. When you look at the rich lineage of David, you see God doing some incredible work to bring certain people together to continue the earthly lineage of His Son, Jesus. The final stanza of this beautiful song is possibly one of the most popular verses in the whole book. David asks God to search his heart and know his thoughts and see if anything wicked abides there so that he can live an honorable life that fulfills its purpose on the earth. It takes a brave person to ask God to search his/her heart and know his/her thoughts, because the Bible says they are both pretty messed up. Even the most spiritually-mature believers struggle with their heart and their mind; therefore, to ask God to search and know them is almost setting oneself up for failure. God’s grace, however, abounds and in His search, He sees our mistakes and loves us in-spite of them, because He gave His Son as the perfect Sacrifice for each one. You are loved more than you know. Enjoy it!

Help me, Lord, to see myself as “fearfully and wonderfully made” and to walk in the unconditional love You have for me. Help me to have the courage to ask for Your searching and knowing my heart and my thoughts so that You can lead “in the way everlasting.”