HAPPY EASTER! I pray you have an amazing Resurrection Day celebration. David is perplexed by the thought that some do not believe that Yahweh exists. He calls that person a fool simply because the proof is absolutely everywhere. Many have completely turned away from God's plan for their lives and walk in their flesh which is sinful by nature. Sin is never satisfied; therefore, we always have to push new boundaries and go farther into it. Only Jesus can forgive our sin and destroy the guilt that threatens to hold us captive. Only He can set us free from the power of sin and death and offer us eternal life. He can do that because He did live a perfect life, die a horrible death, and rise from that empty tomb. Easter is a beautiful reminder that we serve a risen Savior who is working and moving all around us. Sadly, we reveal just how shallow our faith really is when we only show up at church on Christmas and Easter. We reveal just how little we truly believe, because we still live as if He does not exist and does not transform lives. Even those who have accepted the free gift of eternal life try to live in the old flesh that has been removed instead of in the "new creation" that He has made them. Does that describe your spiritual journey to this point? David saw it all around him, and it broke his heart. Are you ready to stop playing at the Christian life and to start living it? Easter is a great time to take that step and make Jesus the top priority in your life.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate this Easter as one who has been saved and transformed through the power of Your Spirit. Help me to live as that new creation you have made and not try to walk in the old flesh that has been removed and no longer exists.