We all live with some kind of regret. We can look back at a moment in life when a different decision could have saved us so much pain, loneliness, and heartache. If I never looked at that image...if I never took that first sip...if I never inhaled that first toke...if I never told that first lie...this list goes on and on, and everyone of them reveals regret. The psalmist understands regret. He is sitting on the shores of the rivers of Babylon and weeping over the regrets he and his countrymen have over Jerusalem. They might have been angry at God for a moment, but eventually, the prophets helped them see that they were the reason for their captivity. God only gave them the consequences they deserved for their horrible decisions. Amazingly, that massive failure started with one person worshiping one false idol. One bad decision led to the destruction of the temple and the palaces in Jerusalem and led the people into captivity in Babylon. We can give Nebuchadnezzar props for his battle plan or the might of his army, but if we are being honest, Jerusalem lost because of their sin. God could have defeated the haughty king and saved His people and their inheritance, but they never gave Him a chance. By the time of the attack, they were too far gone. No matter how foolish our decisions have been in the past, God is more than ready to work miraculously in the present and future. He is ready to act on your behalf! Will you give Him the chance to do so? Repent of that bad decision and allow Him to wash away every sin and every regret; then watch Him do a beautiful work in and through your life.

Help me, Lord, to bring my regrets to Your feet and trust that You can take them and wash me clean. Help me to stop looking back and to start looking forward to the marvelous work You are doing in my life.