Friday, August 30, 2019
Psalm 135

Our simple encouragement for the day is to “praise the Lord.” It is the theme of this song and should be the theme of each day. What if our life is falling apart, or we have just experienced horrible tragedy? You must grieve and face the loss head-on, but even then, you can praise the Lord. Praise does not always flow our present situation; sometimes, praise flows from past moments where God worked whether in our lives or in the lives of those around us. If we cannot find something in the present, then we look to the past for a reason to praise. The psalmist goes back to God choosing the lineage of Abraham as His own possession and then defeated their enemies and provided for them in miraculous ways. He looks back to the wars they could not win and remembers how God stepped in and gave them victory. In those events alone, he finds plenty of ammunition for praise. He then interludes into idolatry and how foolish it is for us to worship anything more than Yahweh. Idols have mouths but cannot speak and names but have no power. They are worthless and draw us away from our God and the praise He deserves. What do you praise during a day? Money, intellect, physical looks, a future inheritance seem to fit our cultural focus, but they are all gifts from God. We are worshiping the creation more than the Creator. How do we reverse that trend? We look back at what God has done and give Him praise. We celebrate the victories and the provision and keep our focus where it needs to be. Our challenge is simple: praise the Lord in that you think, say, or do throughout this God-given day!

Help me, Lord, to praise You during the great moments and the difficult ones. Help me to put away those idols and look back at what You have done as a motivation for praise.