Do you think of worship as the ultimate moment in your week? The psalmist definitely thought highly of worship, but notice, he mentions the priests and Levites who work in the temple twenty-four hours a day. Worship was not necessarily the ultimate moment in their week, it was simply the tip of the iceberg in their week. It is that point where everything from the past week culminates into a never-ending song of praise. Weekly, corporate worship then is a time to praise God for the previous week while preparing for the week ahead. It is both praise and preparation! If worship does not do that for you, then something is not right. If you are not ready and willing to lift “holy hands” to the Lord, then you might need to start asking some questions. It is important to remember that the tip of the iceberg is sometimes the only part that people see. Others have no clue what your week looked like or how difficult it might have been. All they see is your attitude towards worship each week, and your response to God’s work in your life. It will be obvious when you have had a great week or a difficult one, and yes, it does impact our worship. At times, our praise is filled with more tears than laughter, but it is still praise and worship. God is still honored, because He knows what you faced and the new battle scars you picked up. He knows how desperately you sometimes need quality fellowship or friendly handshakes or fun yet worshipful music. He knows it and provides it for you as you seek after Him. Are you already planning to worship the Lord corporately this week? It is the tip of an incredible iceberg and a great part of every week.

Help me, Lord, to worship You corporately this week. Help me to praise You for the previous week while You prepare me for the week to come.