Unity is a rarity in our culture, because we are, for the most part, selfish and self-centered. Everything must revolve around what we want or how we want to do it. The psalmist writes it so perfectly, “how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.” I suspect he is talking about physical siblings and spiritual ones. He is reminding us that unity is part of God’s plan for God’s people. Why do we struggle so greatly with unity? True unity is based in our love for our neighbor. When we love them, we seek their best above our own which means selfishness and self-centeredness disappear. I cannot emphasize this enough, because families and churches are being torn apart by our pride. He closes the psalm by reminding us that our greatest blessings in life are imparted when we are united. Unity, by the way, does not mean that we give into every whim or cultural norm to make people happy; genuine unity is based in love for others, truth no matter the cost, and accountability to help us stay on the right path. We cannot compromise spiritual truth to maintain the unity of our church. There is no real unity unless “His Word is truth.” It is central to unity in our family and in our church. Are you struggling with disunity in your home or in your place of worship? If so, what is the catalyst for it? In all things, we are to honor God; therefore, make sure that you are not the source of that disunity. Keep your attention on the Word and on the people God brings into your life. Then, and only then, will you enjoy God’s blessing of unity.

Help me, Lord, to give Your Word preeminence in my life and to love those You bring into my life. Help me to seek unity in every area of my life trusting that You will provide it as I walk in humility and follow You.