Why do many Christians have such a deep love and respect for Israel? I believe this psalm helps us grasp the depth of God’s love for His people specifically because of His servant, David, who desperately wanted to build a “palace” for Yahweh. God was so pleased with His servant that He promised to keep David’s lineage on the throne of Israel “forever and ever” if they would simply walk according to His ways and not the ways of the culture. God chose these people, the Jews, as His own people and prepared them for a bright future in a dark world. As we now know, these people rejected Yahweh’s Messiah and brought upon themselves great hardship and loss. They completely missed what God was doing and lived according to their flesh and their pride. God, then, opened the door for the Gospel to go to the Gentiles, those outside the Jewish realm. Does God still love His people, the Jews? Undoubtedly, He does, and we should do the same. We must share the Gospel with those who have rejected Jesus and pray they will see the error of their ways and follow Him. As we support the Jews, we must also celebrate the work God has done in our lives. He has saved us and made us His children. He has literally adopted us into His family and grafted us into His family tree. Their rejection provided us with that opportunity! Pray for revival in Israel and around the world. Pray for her protection and for her stand for Yahweh, the One true God. As you do, praise the Lord for His wonderful salvation and the life you now live because of Him.

Help me, Lord, to support Your people wherever they are in this dark world. Help me to pray for revival in Israel and around the world and praise You for the incredible gift of salvation that I walk in everyday.