Pride is the great destroyer of God’s work in our lives and in our churches. How much damage has been done in the name of Christ because of our pride? We think we know all the answers or we deserve all the praise, but in truth, we know little and are not worthy of praise whatsoever. The psalmist understands just how important humility is and while he never uses the word in this song, he definitely reveals its need in our lives. I thought for a moment about a “weaned child” and tried to see the correlation. Eventually, I realized that an unweaned child is prone to cry and scream until it gets fed while a child who is weaned from his/her mother’s breast is less likely to do so. In our pride, we whine and complain about what we do not have compared to others or we get upset because someone else got the credit for our hard work. Are we really that shallow in our faith? The immature whine and complain about change, transition, and unhappiness while the mature believer trusts the Lord through it all and finds a peace even when the storms never seem to end. This, my friends, is a life of complete dependence upon Jesus as my Source of life, hope, and peace. At some point, I must grow up enough to trust the Lord for my todays and my tomorrows. I cannot worry and get upset when life does not go my way; instead, I cling to Him even more for my help, hope, and health. Will you lay down your pride and humble yourself before Him? He promises to “exalt you” if you will.

Help me, Lord, to walk in humility today and not in arrogance. Help me to stop whining and complaining and to start trusting You for my security and my sustenance in life.