Do you always hold onto your regrets? Most of us do, at least, once a week. We turn back to mistakes we have made or sins that have dominated a time in our lives. We allow those regrets to stop us from maturing in our walk with God and in our kingdom-building activities. How can this be? The psalmist tells us that, even in the Old Testament, God did not keep a record of our sins. That alone should create an unending hallelujah chorus. If He did keep a record of our wrongs, how could we ever stand before Him? God has revealed a deep hatred for sin and for the consequences it creates. He has also demonstrated a strong love for us that is more than capable of forgiving our sins and forgetting them for the future. This is the awesome God that we serve, and we must live in a manner that honors who He is. The world spends each day trying to deal with guilt. They work too much, drink too much, or party too hard with the hopes that somehow their guilt and shame will no longer be a weight on their hearts and minds. God, however, saw the seriousness of our problem and sent His Son to redeem all of mankind from sin. All that Jesus did removes not only the sin, but the guilt, as well. If you choose to hold onto your regrets, you are completely misunderstanding all that God has done for you through Jesus. He has completely forgiven you for all sin, past, present, and future, and no longer holds you guilty for any of it. The price/punishment for that sin has already been paid through the perfect blood of Jesus. Lay that guilt and regret at the cross and live the glorious life God created you to live.

Help me, Lord, to lay aside my guilt and regrets. Help me to fully grasp the incredible gift of forgiveness You have provided and live life to the fullest because of it.