David not only felt alone in his faith, but he also felt as if God abandoned him. He asks the Lord "how long?" We ask that question many times in our lives. How long until I meet Mr. or Mrs. Right? How long until I find a job? How long will this heartache last? We ask God that question regularly just like David did. David did not lack faith as is obvious by vv. 5-6, but he did struggle with his day-to-day emotions in his relationship with God. Do you do that? Are you "up" one day and "down" another, or do you strive for a calm, even walk with the Almighty? David might be described as an "emotional mess" at times, but he always bounced back and found the faith that seemed to fade for a moment. I suspect we all have those moments where our faith fades slightly and we struggle with our emotions and attitudes. The question is, "do you eventually find that faith again and focus your attention upon God, or do you live in that emotional mess?" Our spiritual maturity will dictate the speed at which we return to the Lord. The key is not necessarily how quickly you return, but that you return to Him. He is always waiting! Do you feel like David did? If so, what will you do next?

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and not live in the emotional mess that can rule my day. Help me to return to my faith when it fades at certain times in life.