What do God's blessings look like? We might think of a bank account full of money or popularity at school or at work as evidence of God's blessings in our lives, but the psalmist sees it from a much different perspective. He reminds us that the great secret to this journey we are on with Christ is fear. When we fear or respect the Lord, then we choose to stay on the right path because we understand the consequence of doing so. God promises His blessings on those who walk in a holy fear of Him. Those blessings, according to the psalmist, revolve around family. A happy, peaceful, nurturing home is one of the greatest blessings of a faithful walk with God. He also mentions the incredible blessing of children who are healthy and growing. They bring great joy to their parents and great honor to God. I almost laughed when I read, "your sons will be like olive shoots around your table," because a healthy fourteen year old son never stops growing and never stops eating. We definitely have that one covered in the Marr house. Jill and I both agree that our children are in the top three of greatest blessings in our lives (first, our relationship with God, second, our wonderful relationship with each other, and third, our relationship with both of our children). What could be better than that? Do you fear the Lord to the point that it impacts how you live your life? When you do, the blessings are beyond incredible!

Help me, Lord, to fear You with my whole heart so that I can walk faithfully with You and enjoy the consequences of doing so. Help me to constantly be thankful for the incredible blessings You have given me, especially my relationship with You, my wife, and my kids.