O how desperately our current culture needs this psalm. I wish that we could sing it continually until people grasped its incredible truths. The psalmist is focused upon the family and reminds us that while a strand of two strings is strong, a strand of three is unbreakable. Marriage is not just about a husband and wife, but about God’s presence and work in each of their lives. When God rules our homes, peace follows. God sees children as one of our greatest blessings. He tells us that they are like a warrior who is blessed to have a full quiver of arrows for the upcoming battle. We must also see ourselves as that warrior who will eventually take those arrows that have been straightened, smoothed out, and prepared for flight with an arrowhead and feathers to help it fly straight, and shoot them into this world that they are a part of. Our goal for them is to fly straight with no turns to the right or the left so they can make the greatest impact upon the their world. This is the goal of children; to raise kids who love Jesus and live for Him so that they are making an impact for God’s kingdom. If they make a million dollars or marry the perfect spouse, or take good care of you, that is great, but it is not the ultimate goal. Are your children being prepared to fly out into the world to make a real impact for Jesus? Jill and I have already sent one out, though she comes home regularly (yeah!!!). It is an experience to watch your children make good and sometimes not so good decisions and to pray diligently for their protection and upon their impact on their world. She is our first arrow, and we are so proud of her, but we have another and cannot lose focus. I pray you will stay focused on the future goal and do all you can to get your little ones ready.

Help me, Lord, to prepare my kids thoroughly to be shot out into this dark and depressing world. Help them to fly straight and to make a real impact upon the people you send them to.