I find it interesting that in the last psalm we discussed the Temple Mount of Zion and how it would never be destroyed, and now we are discussing the Jews returning from Babylon after seventy years of captivity and seeing the crumbles of the Solomonic temple. Oh how life can change in seconds, and we take for granted the incredible goodness and blessings of the Lord. It is like a piece of fragile pottery that must be considered in every move and decision. If we make a wrong turn or make a horrible decision, it could break the item that is so fragile. It is true in our lives, as well. The string between walking by faith and living in fear is narrow and easily tripped over. These captives are so joyful and their mouths are open in awe of the God who has brought them back to their native land. At the moment, they can only praise the Lord for releasing them from captivity and returning them to the Promised Land. They will have to deal with the incredible destruction and loss at some point, but for now, it is just a “wow” moment for them. They agree that the surrounding nations also give God credit for this amazing accomplishment. It was clearly nothing the Jews could “fix,” but God, in His prophesied timing, took care of the problem by bringing another empire to destroy the Babylonians. He worked through ancient history to set His people free. God still delivers us from the throes of sin and the captivity of fear and anxiety. He still returns us to the place that He promised us and gives us a new opportunity to walk closely with Him. Our God has not changed through the centuries. Let Him deliver you today!

Help me, Lord, to enjoy and celebrate Your goodness and blessings in my life. Help me to walk in Your deliverance everyday and rejoice that others see Your work in me and give You all the glory for it.