Have you ever thought of yourself as a Temple Mount? The psalmist compares Christ-followers to Mount Zion, because he believed it would never crumble or fall. The pre-exilic Jews could not imagine a world without the temple in it. They believed that it was Yahweh’s earthly home and therefore could never be torn down or ruined. Through the years, kings used its gold to ward off foreign enemies or to buy off an ally army to help in war, but the temple structured remained unchanged until Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem for the third time and completely destroyed it. From the psalmist’s perspective, the temple was indestructible and unmovable, and he felt those who completely trust in the Lord were exactly the same — indestructible and unmovable. Do you feel that way? If you are like me, then it is doubtful that you do. We are always leary of sin suddenly showing its ugly head or of temptation that seems unstoppable in our lives. We see all the possibilities of falling and fail to believe that our faith in God can weather all those storms. When God saved you through the sacrifice of His Son, He did so to give you an eternal home in heaven, and He did so to give you physical, emotional, and spiritual victories on earth. We will not win them all, but we can “confess our sin” and be washed clean. We can stumble and yet not fall completely away from the Almighty. Will you trust God enough to lay down your fear and walk in confidence that you will not be moved? God is your Rock and your Salvation so trust fully and completely in Him.

Help me, Lord, to be just like Mount Zion that is indestructible and unmovable. Help me to stop walking in fear of my possible failure and start walking by faith in the One who will overcome all my mistakes and bring victory from the ashes.