How easily do we take for granted the mercy and grace of God? How quickly do we forget that He alone is our Protector and Provider? The psalmist wanted those who sang this song to remember that without Yahweh’s hand, they would cease to exist. He parted the waters and defeated their greatest foes. He led them through the wilderness and eventually into the Promised Land. He made the sun stay in the sky so His people could get a victory. He did it all, and we must never forget it. For those who are married...He gave us the perfect mate at the perfect time in our lives. For those with kids...He has given them health and hopefully happiness and continually uses them to challenge and excite us. For those headed to work early this morning...He gave you a job and protected you on the journey to work and later will do the same on the way home. This is the God that we serve. We can choose to ignore Him and assume all our successes are self-made, but where does that lead? God wants us to pay close attention to His presence and His protection in our lives so that we are generous with what He has given us and constantly thankful for everything that happens in our lives. Will you stop taking His presence and His protection for granted and start noticing Him in all that you say and do? Your life will be so much richer and the stress will seem so much lighter when He is on the throne and He is receiving all the glory!

Help me, Lord, to never take Your presence or Your protection for granted. Help me to be generous to those around me and thankful for everything You are doing in my life.