Have you ever thought of Jesus as Lord and Master of your life?  The psalmist reveals his own feelings toward Yahweh, the God of Israel, as he tells us that he lifts his eyes up to Him.  The idea of “up” conjures thoughts of something bigger, stronger, or greater in authority.  That is exactly the thought he wants us to have, because that is exactly what he means.  Our God is above us.  Isaiah says he is above us in our thoughts and in our ways; therefore, we should place our trust in Him.  He compares our relationship to that of a servant with his master or a maid with her mistress.  He/she is waiting for the slightest of hand signals to know what to do next.  The goal is to not to do something on their own; the goal is to please the one who holds that position in their life.  How far have we moved from that mindset as modern-day Christians?  We do what we want to do and ask God to bless it.  We seek His face only after we have worn out our own resources.  We never really see Him as Master and Lord, and we miss out on so much of what God has planned and prepared for us.  He already knows who you are going to run into today and what the next intersection in your life will be.  He knows and He is preparing you for it, if you are willing to listen and keep your eye on His hand.  He will not fail to lead you in the right paths nor will he put you in situations that bring harm or destruction.  We must, however, be so mindful of Him, because we are more than apt to bring ourselves harm and destruction.  Is Jesus your Lord and Master?

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to make it all work out in my flesh.  Help me to seek You daily as Lord and Master of my life and trust Your guidance and Your promises in every situation I face.