Friday, August 16, 2019
Psalm 121

Where does my help come from? It is a question that many people around the world will ask. They will hear a doctor’s report that will shake their foundation and create that question. They will lose their job after years of toil and ask that question. They will hear a spouse of many years declare their love for another and that question will immediately pop up. This world is filled with heartache and headaches yet God has promised to always be with us and to never be surprised by the struggles we face. The question is, “where will you turn when those situations occur in your life?” The easy answer is God, but if we are honest, we do not understand God’s ways or God’s whys so our faith wavers. We want to trust, but we cannot physically see or touch the answer and so we struggle. The psalmist seems to have figured this out, because he knows that God is with him in the brightest of moments and in the darkest. He is always present to shield and protect us, but He is also committed to our spiritual health far above our physical happiness. This is true love; not to keep us from all the bad in life, but to walk with us through it no matter how bleak life might get. Do you trust God enough to walk through life’s tribulations and persecutions without giving up on Him? Faith is the only hope we have in this life; therefore, we must keep it even when nothing makes sense and life overall seems to stink. He is greater than the hills where we like to run for safety. Trust Him!

Help me, Lord, to trust You even when the obstacles are greater than I have ever faced before. Help me to feel Your presence and trust Your power through every valley that we face together.