How do you react when someone lies to you or uses deceit to deflect responsibility from themselves? Most of us do not respond well though we sometimes give more excuse for it than dealing with it outright. Lying and deceit are both addictive behaviors, because when they work, we return to them over and again. The psalmist is dealing with those who are saturated with “lying lips” and “deceitful tongues.” He is sick to death of their constant dishonesty and struggles to trust anything that comes from their mouth. They want to go to war so they make everything sound worse than it is to get the king to submit to their ideas. We know those people, or possibly we are that person, who tries to use every situation as a means to get what we want. It does not matter what we must say or do to get people to think our way and choose our path. This is unhealthy and shows a complete lack of faith. God has called us to listen for His voice and then wait for His command to “go forth.” We are called to live according to the truths and principles of the Word and to the power of the Spirit and not according to our flesh. Lying and deceit reveal a heart bereft of faith and focused fully upon fleshly things. Can people trust your words and rest in your plans or ideas, or do they always have to “cross-check” everything you say with the truth? May we, as Christ-followers,” never be labeled liars or deceitful; instead, may we be known as men and women of faith who live by the truth.

Help me, Lord, to put away my lying lips and deceitful tongue. Help me to listen closely for Your voice and move quickly to obey what You ask of me as I walk in the truth.