David is shocked that certain advisers want him to flee from his enemies. They do not believe God is strong enough to protect him, and they want him to go into hiding where he will supposedly be safe. David, however, does not need a hiding place; instead, he finds "refuge" in the Almighty. He knows the Lord's character, authority, and power so he does not fear the attacks of his enemies who have no integrity and are only strong in their own eyes. God already knows their weaknesses and how to use them to provide victory for His people. The adviser's advice clearly reveals their lack of faith. David, on the other hand, knew without even a question that God would be with him in every battle, and that He would provide victory in His perfect time. Do we live our lives with that same kind of faith? Do we believe that God is more than able and do not fear or worry about anything? Fear and worry are signs of a struggling faith. We all face stressful situations, but our response to them reveals how strong our faith really is. David did not struggle with faith, because he knew God would protect and provide according to His promises just as He had one in the past. We can live that same kind of life if we are willing to trust God like David did.

Help me, Lord, to replace the fear and worry in my life with faith, because You are able. Help me to stand strong in that faith no matter how hot the battle gets.