Do you ever meditate on the Scriptures? Someone defined meditation as "positive worry" which gives us a good word picture for our own understanding. When I worry, I mull over some problem or possible problem coming my way. If I replace those negative thoughts with the Word of God, then I am meditating on it. Why is this important? The psalmist tells us that God's Word is a "lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." The Bible, then, is our guide for life; it is the map for this journey I am currently on. Why do most people wander through life hoping they find a meaning or purpose? Sadly, most of the population in the United States lives that way. We find our identity in our work, our spouse, our kids, our looks, or our bank account and eventually realize it is not enough. We need the principles and precepts of the Bible to show us how to live and why we should do so. It gives us confidence and leads us to find our identity in Jesus and not in ourselves. Are you meditating daily on God's Word? If not, may I suggest that you begin to write down a nugget God gave you from the text you read. Hopefully, that will help keep that truth in your heart and mind and allow you to meditate upon it. I must issue a warning here...if you do this, God will transform your life through His Word. It will happen!

Help me, Lord to meditate upon Your Word each day because I love You. Help me to seek for the answers to life's questions in the Bible and not in the culture of our day.