When you rent an apartment or even put a contract on a house, they almost always require a deposit of some kind. It is your guarantee that you will do what you have contracted to do. The psalmist talks about that security deposit when it comes to God's promises. How can you and I trust that God will keep His promises? We can trust those promises, because all of them are secured by God Himself. His character, His faithfulness, and His love reveal who He is and help us understand that we can trust Him. Some might argue that God did not keep His promise in a certain situation so they cannot trust Him. As you read this psalm, you see that the writer is not in a safe situation. His enemies surround him and he wilts in waiting for God to act, but his faith never wavers, because He trusts Yahweh's promises. God never promised a perfect, easy, low-stress life. He promised us that we will face persecution and tribulation as we strive to follow Him. He also promised to walk with us through the hardships of life and to use each one for our good and His glory. When we stop trusting God and start living in the flesh, we miss the final piece of His promises; therefore, we must stay faithful and trust God to do as He promised.

Help me, Lord, to trust You even when life does not make sense or does not work as I thought it would. Help me to stay faithful through all of life's trials knowing without question that you will use each one for my good and Your glory!