The Bible is one of God's greatest tools for education. The psalmist asks God on multiple occasions to teach him from the Scriptures. He understands that reading God's Word helps us grow and mature in our knowledge of God, ourselves, and the world He has created. It is fascinating to think that the Bible starts with, "in the beginning, God." The writer assumes God needs no introduction or explanation; instead, he goes on to tell us that "God created the heavens and the earth." In that one verse, we learn so much about Yahweh for He is not just a blob in the sky; no, He is far more powerful than we could ever hope to be, and His existence is not based upon creation, because He is the infinite Creator. That is one verse from the Bible, and it teaches so much which means that we have an unlimited resource to learn from. We can read and study the Bible for a lifetime and still find new and exciting truths to live by. Sadly, many of us do not take advantage of the opportunity and never grow in our faith or spiritual knowledge. The psalmist admits his own failure in that area and mentions affliction as a means to get his attention and remind him of the importance of the Scriptures. He also reminds us that once he committed himself to reading and studying God's word, it became his delight. He loved it and all that it brought to his life. Are you delighting in the Scriptures?

Help me, Lord, to delight in Your Word. Help me to read and study on a daily basis so that my faith and knowledge of You might grow.