Hope is one of God's most powerful weapons in the life of His kids. The psalmist tells us that he finds hope in the promises of God. He literally tells God, "Your promise preserves my life." I know of many who say you would be dead if God had not saved you and transformed your life. I know that He has preserved my life more than once, but this adds a new layer of understanding. Our hope in the promises of God brings about a protective transformation that stops some of the self-destroying activities and thoughts in my life. This certain hope that my sins are completely forgiven and that my eternal home is secure is truly a game-changer. What pushes people to give into the trappings of this culture? The obvious answer is guilt. We are so preoccupied with our failures and perceived short-comings that we cannot see the possibility of happiness in the future without a catalyst. So we turn to anything that makes that promise hoping it might bring relief. That relief is not found in a person, a bottle, or a syringe; it is found in Jesus Christ alone. Is your hope based in Him? If so, then you have very real standard to live by. That standard includes obedience to God's Word, praise for who God is and what He has done, and a completely new perspective on love, family, and culture.

Help me, Lord, to find my hope in You and You alone. Help me to rest in Your promises and find peace where guilt and shame threaten to pull me away from You.