The psalmist tells us that he will "walk about in freedom. While many in our modern culture think that the Bible will enslave them to a life they would never want to live, the psalmist tells us the Bible sets us free. A person without Christ struggles to see the bondage that sin puts us in. It literally holds us captive, and we have little recourse but to follow it. Obviously, in our modern world, we have decided to "go with the flow" and talk constantly about how fun it is to live in specific sins. This writer, however, sees the destruction that sins brings to a life and asks the Almighty to turn his "heart toward your statutes" while turning his "eyes away from worthless things." Do you have that same desire? Do you want God to build your love for the Scriptures while decreasing your love for sin? That is a radical change from your pre-Jesus heart; a heart dedicated to the fleshly, carnal, and wicked. When the Scripture hold that prominent of a place in your life and in your church, then you will enjoy God's best as He provides for your needs and protects you from your enemies. Do you know Yahweh well-enough to turn away from sin and turn to the Word of God? Are you building that relationship by spending time daily in the Scriptures?

Help me, Lord, to love Your Word and to live in the freedom that comes from applying it to my life. Help me to love others enough to share Your truth with them so they too can live the best life possible.