How does the psalmist respond to the enemies that are always on the attack against him? He uses the words “praise” and “peace” to describe his demeanor towards those hardships. How can any person watch an enemy attack and suddenly break out in praise because their heart is at peace? The only way any person in ancient or modern times could do so is through personal time spent in the Word of God. It can sometimes be a balm to thehurts and pains that seem to dominate and decimate our lives. With that soothing balm, we can suddenly see the situation in a completely different light and give God praise. He alone brings sweet peace to our internal turmoil. For the psalmist, the future Messiah would have been the ultimate reason for his present peace. For those of us living in the the 21st century, it is the risen Messiah that brings peace that is completely incomprehensible. Are you spending your days praising the Lord even when the most difficult moments strike at the worst, possible times? Are you living in complete peace even as the storms of life rage right outside your window? If not, the answer might just be to sit and study Your Bible for some time. Ask God to bring peace to the turmoil and praise during the tough times, and He will do it as you read and study the Scriptures. The psalmist knew it to be true and depended fully upon God’s Word to help him praise and bring peace when his flesh wanted him to be riddled with anxiety and with a haunting sense of gloom.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your peace as I give You praise through the storms of life. Help me to stop living in the flesh and to start walking in the Spirit as I spend quality time in Your Word.