As you read this psalm, you have no choice but to see that the writer truly believes that everything he faces has a spiritual component to it. Every enemy must be defeated by the God of the Scriptures he loves and obeys. Every action, rising early, sleeping, is focused upon his walk with God and his interaction with His Word. His hope is found in the Scriptures, and his faith is strengthened through His study. This is a life totally surrendered to the Lord. Sadly, it is a rarity today, especially in the United States. We have been taught self-sufficiency and self-reliance which means we can fix anything that comes our way. We leave little room for God to work, because we are too consumed with our own ability to face and defeat anything that comes our way. It seems our only time to seek after the Lord is when we face something we cannot fix. When our only hope is the Lord, then we bow before Him and amazingly He still works and moves in us and for us. God’s love is unconditional and not based upon our dependence upon Him or lack thereof. He will work and move according to His will; however, it is far easier to know His will and walk by faith when we are doing so consistently even when times are good. Do you see all of your life from a spiritual perspective? Do you see your family as God-given, or your job as a gift from Him? Do you see every problem as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your God, or do you try to fix it in your own pride and resilience. The psalmist sets a wonderful example for us to follow as he walks by faith and not by sight, fear, or self-sufficiency.

Help me, Lord, to see everything in my life from a spiritual perspective and not from an “I can fix it” perspective. Help me to walk by faith and live a life completely surrendered to Your plan according to Your Word.