How do we know that the Bible is wonderful? How do we know that its precepts never perish or fail? We only know because of the “unfolding of the Word” in our daily lives. You will never understand the strength, joy, or hope found in the Scriptures if you are not reading those Scriptures everyday. They will never unfold unless we actually open the “scrolls” and study them. The psalmist says he opens his mouth and pants because he longs for that special time in the ancient texts. He also asks God to “make Your face shine upon your servant” so he can focus even more upon the truths found in God’s Word. We like to ask God to make HIs face shine upon us so that we can enjoy peace, prosperity, or authority in our homes or at work, but we never crack open or unfold the Word. How can we think that God will give us the desires of our hearts if we are unwilling to know Him and His creation through His Word? If you are struggling to “unfold” the Bible on a daily basis, then I challenge you to find a time during the day when you are alone and when you are fresh and read, study, and/or listen to the Scriptures. Ask God for a nugget of truth and then meditate upon that nugget throughout the day. Once you do, everything else will eventually fall into place, and we will say with the psalmist, “Your righteousness is everlasting and Your law is true.”

Help me, Lord, to unfold Your Word every day from this point forward. Help me to see how wonderful and powerful the Scriptures are and teach me to open my mouth and pant specifically for them.