What sins do you no longer hate? How has that impacted your daily walk with the Almighty? These two sections of Psalm 119 are bracketed with one word: hate. In verse 113, the psalmist hates the double-minded and in verse 128, he hates “every wrong path.” In the middle of the two verses, he reminds us again of his great love and respect for the Word of God. Could it be that those two polar opposites work together to keep me moving on the “narrow path” God has created me and called me to walk upon? Do I need to passionately hate evil and passionately love the Scriptures? If we are being honest, most Christians hate some sin. We hate the impact of sin upon our culture and upon the lives of those we love most, but we also love specific sins that we are drawn to. We want to rail against homosexuality or abortion but ignore the gluttony and gossip that sometimes thrive in a Christian environment. Will that work? I think not! If we do not hate all sin, we will be drawn to some. All sin of any kind will draw us away from Yahweh and His holy Word. We must stop putting some sins ahead of others and see it all as wrong and learn to literally hate it and its effects. We must love the Law as the psalmist does and allow it to keep us upright and just in our words, attitudes, and actions. I ask again, “what sins do you no longer hate?” Those are the ones stopping you from being everything God created you to be.

Help me, Lord, to hate evil and love Your Word. Help me to walk on that straight and narrow path as You lead me deeper into Your plan for my life.