The whole idea of giving thanks to someone else for "our" success is foreign to us. We see our hard work and assume our own intelligence and determine that we should receive all the fame and fortune that comes from our success. The psalmist changes that perspective by reminding us that we do not deserve praise or fame; God does. It is not to our name, or our company, or our team, but to You, O Lord, "be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness." This, once again, is a part of our faith walk. The more comfortable we become with giving the credit away, the easier it is to handle anything good that comes our way. The psalmist challenges the people of Israel and the priests of Aaron to trust fully in the Lord and not in their own strength or intelligence. He describes Yahweh as our "help and shield." When we acknowledge Him in that way, then we open the door for His blessings and His "increase." On this day, God deserves Your praise and worship. We can never forget that all we do here on earth is just practice for what we will do in heaven. Commit yourself to giving Him all the glory for everything that happens in your life today.

Help me, Lord, to stop taking credit for Your great work in and through my life. Help me to praise You for every good and every difficult moment I experience today.