What made Israel so special? They were not the biggest nation in the world nor were they highly trained as warriors. They did not have lots of possessions, livestock, or wealth. They did, however, have God's presence with them from the moment they left Egypt until they entered the Promised Land forty years later. Everywhere they turned, God was present. At the Red Sea, He was present. At the Jordan River, He was present. When they were hungry or thirsty, He was always present to provide. When their response should have been praise and "trembling," they chose to rebel and rely upon their own wisdom and understanding. That choice caused them to miss much of God's blessing upon their life and their journey, but He never left them. As Christ-followers, we can have that same confidence. Once Jesus enters our lives, He never leaves. He is our constant companion and can/will do some miraculous stuff in our lives through our years of faithfulness. He did it for Israel, and He will do the same with His modern-day kids. How, then, should we respond? We should "tremble" before Him out of fear of His Authority and Power. We should walk in obedience to His Word, and we should grow in intimacy with Yahweh. This is a daily process where I not only acknowledge His presence but give Him complete control of all that I think, say, and do.

Help me, Lord, to surrender daily to Your Spirit's presence and power and give you the throne. Help me to celebrate Your forever presence in my life and enjoy Your incredible blessings in all that I do.