The psalmist challenges us to praise the Lord throughout the day. From the moment the sun rises until it sets, His name should be praised by all those that love and serve Him. His position is one clear reason to praise Him. God is the Creator and Sustainer of this universe which means it is all His. He rules and He reigns, and He deserves our praise. His power also should cause us to praise Him. Yahweh can take the most difficult moment in life and make it the most beautiful. He can take that which is broken and rebuild it better than before. He can turn despair into gladness and heartbreak into celebration. God is able! He can do it; therefore, He deserves our praise all throughout the day. Why would we not want to constantly praise the Lord? We get distracted by our culture, by our pride, or by a habit/hobby that has too much control in our lives. In doing so, we forget that the Almighty is in control and that He continues to sustain every facet of our lives. We forget so we do not give Him praise! What is going to change that? Will you look back and remember how good God has been? Will you readjust your priorities so that Yahweh is first and therefore receives the praise He deserves? Will you praise the Lord throughout this glorious day? He is more than worthy of our praise!

Help me, Lord, to praise Your name throughout this beautiful day You have given me. Help me to see the incredible goodness that You have poured out in my life and on this earth and to respond appropriately so that Your name is lifted high!