Where is the best place to "extol the Lord with my whole heart?" The psalmist tells us that he loves to do so in a group of people who love the Lord and serve Him faithfully. I believe we enjoy that kind of opportunity at least once a week during corporate worship. We can talk of God's goodness and celebrate His blessings. We can celebrate His faithfulness and talk of His provision and protection in our lives. This is the amazing God that we serve, and He deserves our public praise. He also reminds us of a theme that flows throughout the Old Testament. When you and I truly "fear" the Lord, then we start on a path to wisdom. It happens because we have too much respect for God to walk in the ways of the world or to rebel against what we know God wants us to do. That wisdom protects us from so much that could create chaos and drama in our lives. It also protects us from ourselves and from our fleshly drive to sin. Are you growing in wisdom? It only happens when we "follow His precepts" and continually give Him praise and thanks for all that we have. When my mind is fully consumed with that fear and with that praise, then God can bestow on me understanding that goes beyond my years or my education. He will lead us to the greenest pastures and the stillest waters when we fear and praise Him on a daily basis.

Help me, Lord, to respect You to the point that I never want to disappoint You. Help me to praise You on a consistent basis for all that You are and for all that You do.