This psalm is filled with prophecy of the coming Messiah. David pens these words in preparation for the One who would come to destroy all of Israel's enemies and bring victory to the land forever. As I think about David's willingness to give the Lord such authority in his life, I am truly amazed, because kings did not normally do that for other kings. They were thought to be self-absorbed and unable to see another as better than themselves. David's humility is on full display as he puts all his confidence in the King who would come and succeed in ways that he never could. Have you stopped long enough in your busy life to think about our coming King? His Word tells us that He is going to return and it is going to be a total surprise to each and every person -- saved or lost. It will only take a second for His kids to leave this earth and enter eternity with Jesus. Are you ready for that day? The only way to say "yes" to that question is to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Just as David sat Him over the throne of Israel, we must give Him the throne of our hearts and trust that He knows best what to do with it. He never promised a perfect life, but He did promise to give us "abundant life" when we choose to follow Him. David's prophecy is still waiting to be fulfilled. Are you ready for that moment when it is?

Help me, Lord, to always be mindful of that day when You will come to take Your children home to glory. Help me to give up that throne in my heart and allow You to rule and reign as You prepare me for an eternity with You.